Hello dear BitBankCoinians!

We are sincerely happy with the gradual evolution of our common Loanex (BitBankCoin). This would not have been possible without you. The adventure has only just begun and millionaires are downloading.

Just believe in the process and your financial freedom is only a matter of time. Accumulate BitBankCoin whenever you can afford it.



1-BitBankCoin will be listed on a centralized platform and a decentralized platform starting next October

2-The airdrop will end next October and distributions will start automatically

3-If you participated in the airdrop program, you must sponsor a minimum of ten (10) people to receive your 40,000 coins next October


4-The distribution of the first phase of the airdrop begins on October 23


5- BitBankCoin is a utility currency that allows holders to quickly obtain bank loans from Loanex partner financial institutions,


6- BitBankCoin was audited by crypto experts with 94/100 on August 8, 2023


1-Developers’ BitBankCoin tokens are blocked for 5 years.


2-The second phase of BitBankCoin presale continues at the price of $0.003


3-The affiliate program on behalf of the second pre-sale phase of BitBankCoin with up to $1000 cash in USDT-BEP20 in rewards is ongoing.

Stay tuned for more updates next week and don’t forget to accumulate as many BitBankCoin coins as possible.


The Core Team