Hello dear valiant investors and members of the BitBankCoin community!

The development of the BitBankCoin project is continuing its course with incredible ambitions for the happiness of each member of the community: List BitBankCoin between [0.006$-1$].

But not without you! And with you, anything is possible! Yes, we can! We can bring the number of holders to 1000 in 10 days! Yes, we can! The current number of holders does not matter! Now and tomorrow if you want, we can! Each investor must now consider themselves an essential link in the BitBankCoin project!

Dear BitBankCoiniers, it is up to us to share with you some updates:


  • BitBankCoin Listing

BitBankCoin will be listed at a price in the range of [0.006$ – 1$] as soon as the last Presale phase ends.

Stay tuned for updates on this on our Announcement Telegram Channels.


  • Claim $2000BBC from aidrops

The $2000BBC claim will be suspended on November 1, 2023. The claim will be $500BBC upon reopening.


We also take this opportunity to remind everyone who has met the requirements but have not yet received their tokens that they have until November 3, 2023 to notify via support@loanex.world. After this period, any claim will be void.


  • BitBankCoin Presale:

We remind each member of the community that four pre-sale phases are planned and we are in the third phase at the attractive price of $0.004. This phase ends today and will be reopened exceptionally on Monday, November 6 with an extra affiliate program.

So prepare your BNB.


  • Audit:

The BitBankCoin audit was successfully carried out by the FreshCoins college of cryptocurrency experts in collaboration with PinkSale


  • Registration of BitBankCoin as a Limited Liability Company:

The registration of BitBankCoin as a Limited Liability Company is underway in Estonia. A notable progress should be noted and all documents will soon be published.

The Core Team