Important updates

Important updates

Hello dear BitBankCoinians! The listing of BitbankCoin is fast approaching. And it is essential to share with you, certain readjustments.

  • Third Phase of Presale

The special and surprise week counting for the 3rd presale phase scheduled to be held from November 6 to 11 has been postponed.

Tune in for the launch.

  • Fourth Phase of Presale and BtBankCoin Listing

4th and final presale phase will be organized by the first centralized exchange (CEX) having priority to list BitBankCoin.

The currency will therefore be systematically listed and traded $BBC/USDT.

The name of the platform will be revealed to the community very soon. This will allow everyone to familiarize themselves with it before listing day.

  • 2000$BBC claim

To encourage all active members of the BitBankCoin community, the core team has decided to keep the number of coins fixed at 2000$BBC until the day before the launch of the special week of the 3rd prevente phase. So everyone can go and claim the $2000 BBC.

The Core Team