BitBankCoin ($BBC) Updated May 17, 2024.

BitBankCoin ($BBC) Updated May 17, 2024.

Different points covered:




4-BitBankCoin Army

5-BitBankcoin Listing on Crex24 shortly.


Development of the different points:

Investing in LoanEX products means choosing the path to financial freedom!

LoanEX is the first BlockChain company that takes into account the real satisfaction of the needs of investors in the web3. LoanEX is the only company that offers bank loans without any requirements. You just need to stake BitBankCoin coins to obtain bank loans in less than 24 hours.

Six points are addressed on behalf of this update.



Launched in July 2023, LoanEX deployed BitBankCoin, its native currency, on the Binance blockchain a few days later.

This currency was listed on December 24, 2023 on BankCEX, an exchange platform of CoinMarketCap.

BitBankcoin was listed a few days later on PanCakeSwap and is tradable on third party PooCoin.

In short, BitBankCoin is traded as of today on:

It should be remembered that BitBankCoin is also visible on several other platforms including:

  • Etc

Furthermore, it should be noted that BitBankCoin is actually listed on Coinpaprika where the price can be followed live 24H/24, 7D/7.


As part of expanding the BitBankCoin community, many partnerships have been new. Among others, we have:

  • Coinboom (crypto platform)
  • Radio Univers (Press)
  • FreShcoin (crypto platform)
  • Le Révélateur (Press)
  • LégendActu (Press)
  • Media Universe (Press)
  • Etc

3-Registration of LoanEX as a Limited Liability Company

The registration of LoanEX as a Limited Liability Company is underway in Estonia. A notable progress should be noted and all documents will soon be published.

4- BitBankCoin Army

Around 20 active members in Africa, Europe, Asia etc. with clear visions for the project are on the ground building communities for BitBankCoin.

The goal is to bring the number of BitBankCoin holders to 2000 members on December 31, 2024.

Click here to collaborate with BitBankCoin.

5-BitBankcoin Listing on Crex24.

Making access easier and simpler for all investors is one of the objectives of the LoanEX project.

In this vein, BitBankCoin will be listed on Crex24 in the coming days.

Stay tuned for updates.


This part mainly concerns:

  • The current airdrop program: The goal is to reward the most active members of our community.
  • BitBankCoinNFTs: this is an excellent sub-project of LoanEX-BitBankCoin which allows any holder of BitBankCoin NFTs to obtain cashback of up to 200%.
  • The cashback program: The cashback program allows any investor of at least $25 to obtain 25% rewards in $BBC. This reward is given to any investor who stakes the purchased tokens for a period of at least 12 months.
  • The staking program: This program allows investors to stake their tokens and obtain rewards ranging from 20 to 100%.

Thank you for your attention and we’ll see you in the next update.

The Core Team.