+50% Bonus on all BitBankCoin purchases!

+50% Bonus on all BitBankCoin purchases!

BitBankCoin will be listed on BankCex, a CoinmarketCap banking platform.

The listing will take place on December 24, 2023 at 12:00 PM.

Two programs precede this historic event in the life of the first ecosystem offering bank loans to Stakeholders of said currency.

+50% Bonus on all purchases

An exceptional pre-sale phase is organized with a 50% reduction from November 26 to December 3, 2023 on all BitBankCoin purchases.

This opportunity is exceptional and remains the one and only allowing those who own little $BBC to accumulate an impressive quantity of the coin at a lower cost before listing.

This reduction is the only opportunity for new people to enter the BitBankCoin community as if they were at the beginning of the project launch.

This phase is at the exciting price of $0.004.

Public Sale Program on BankCex.

BankCex is the first platform that has priority to list BitBankCoin. But before this event, It will sell BitBankCoin coins on its platform for two weeks. This sale starts on 11.12.2023 and ends on 24.12.2023. BitBankCoin will be automatically listed.

BitBankCoin will be sold at $0.005. This is an opportunity for the BankCex community in particular and BitBankCoin in general to join the exciting journey undertaken recently.

Participation in different programs

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